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St. Joseph''s Home for the Aged 1948












St. Joseph''s Home for the Aged 1948

Sisters Servants: Caring Hearts To The World

The Sisters Servants find meaning and spiritual nurturing in the work they do at St. Joseph’s Nursing Home and in their various facilities and programs throughout the world.

The Congregation of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate was founded in 1878, when the Immaculate Virgin Mary appeared to three young country girls in Gietrzwald, Poland. The order came to America in 1934. In America, we have served both the old and the young, with both a pre-kindergarten program and our nursing home in Baltimore. We also operate Sacred Heart Home, a nursing home community in Hyattsville, Maryland. We work with Catholic Charities doing outreach to the homebound elderly in Cleveland, Ohio, and we serve as sacristans at the National Shrine in Washington, DC.

Our goals are as simple as they are spiritual:

  • Spread the word of God
  • Help individuals strengthen their lives of faith and Christian morals
  • Increase devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary by imitating her hidden life
  • Encourage others by good examples and deeds
  • Pray for the world and its needs through the recitation of the Rosary

Besides the Motherhouse in Poland and our ministries in the United States, we also serve communities in Italy, Lithuania, Africa and Latvia.  Visit our Congregation of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate of the American Province website to learn more about our mission here in the United States and worldwide.

Because visible religious communities were subject to suppression and dispersal at the time of the congregation’s founding, the Sisters Servants did not initially wear a traditional, distinctive habit, and still do not today.

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